Best of Technology + Best of Logistics

Aply's Cutting-Edge Technology Services Owe:

Its automated sales, logistics, marketing and supply chain processes ultimately lower the expenditure.

Its global expertise to set up a marketplace of prebuilt add-ins, plug-ins, extensions and e-utilities elevate the standard of any product in shelf.

Its global strategy to reach and maximize international audience by choosing and identifying reliable processes and the demand for products display the best buying customer experience.

Its large global client base , established media and social network help establish, customized solutions with the best support needed.

  • Ecommerce portal

  • Digital Marketing

  • Ware- housing

  • Delivery

  • Return Processing

  • Expertise in Portals and Digital Marketing. India's leading Digital marketing company with Turn over of USD400 Million and presence in 35 countries including all leading countries in Americas, Europe & Australia

  • Expertise in Freight forwarding + Warehousing + management of express logistics through post or 3rd party Technology platform for direct and reverse logistics

Aply's Key Technology Services

  • Strategy and Business Analysis
    • Understanding brand objectives, needs and priorities.

  • Multi-channel online brand store intigration
    • Fully secured data processing and back-end support.

  • Designing e-commerce Solutions
    • Employing best practices to maximize the site traffic, sale conversion rates with underlining emphasis on the web platform look & feel/User navigation ease.

      Ensuring full life cycle of fulfillment right from setup/Brand Management to completing orders, ensuring data security and consumer privacy, inventory tracking and management, Order and Payment Processing, also providing custom reports for business revenue tracking or cost of sales analysis/research.

      Top class Customer review and rating system , 24/7 hosted support.

      Expertise in Freight forwarding plus management of E-commerce logistics like Last minute delivery or Shipment drops , express and reverse logistics.

  • Development and Custom Enhancement Services
    • Developing, customizing and integrating the ecommerce solution with back end systems, on premise or cloud based systems and all leading social media.

      Globally connecting the ecommerce data with the entire system and building the best flexible architecture solution that's scalable.

      Support the ease of enhancing existing features or create any new functionality.